Colin Cameron

I have a proven track record over more than 20 years of helping the teams I work with improve their code quality, processes, confidence and overall skill level.

I’m a British Citizen currently based in the Philippines but am open to opportunities elsewhere and am particularly interested in openings in the UK/EU.

Key Technical Skills

  • Embedded Systems
  • C
  • Python
  • Automation and CI/CD

Work Experience

Advanced Energy I have worked for what is now Advanced Energy since 2004, although the actual company name has changed several times due to mergers, sales and acquisitions.
Director, Software Engineering 11/2017 to Present

In 2021 I started managing a new team tasked with giving hardware and software solutions that enable more sophisticated communications and connectivity options for our power supplies. This involved defining the architecture of the solutions, recruiting and training the team members, working with contractors and consultants along with project managing the actual development work. We’ve already delivered the first iterations of the product and the team will continue to expand in 2022 adding our solutions to more of our product range.

In addition to that team I’m responsible for the overall software development process and tools in the wider Software Engineering organization (100+ engineers across five design centers in the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US) since 2017.

I have led ongoing improvement of our development process from CMMI level 2 to a distributed Agile process, where teams are empowered to own and improve their own process.

I have led the continuous evolution of our software development tools to match our process, this has included replacing our defect tracking tool, rolling it out beyond the software team across engineering and our factories. I also have led the introduction of new automated build, test and static analysis systems along with updated metrics and tracking tools to measure and report our performance.

I help the teams debug and solve critical problems in our software when required, this may involve explaining the problem and solutions to customers and internal management.

I continue to oversee the direction and development for global shared firmware architecture, working with the team to add new features and working with the distributed engineering team to ensure they are effectively using the platform.

I work with our customers and internal marketing teams to understand their current issues and future needs.

I am the organizer of our annual technology conference. This started in 2014 as a small software meeting but has expanded to an off-site meeting of over 100 people from all over the company. Over the last few years we’ve kept this going in a series of virtual sessions.

Manager, Software Advancement Team 01/2016 to 10/2017

In 2016 the architecture team’s role was expanded and I started formally managing them. The team trained the other teams, worked to improve our tools and streamline our global processes as well as continuing to develop and support the shared architecture.

Senior System Architect 01/2012 to 12/2015

In 2012 I moved to the Embedded Power division and was responsible for leading the design, development and deployment of a new micro-controller independent firmware platform for use in all our future power supply products. This involved working with a global team to bring together best practice from inside and outside the company.

To enable these initiatives I championed and supported the roll-out of new tools, such as GitHub and Jenkins, as well as a formal development processes leading to us achieving CMMI Level 2 certification. As part of this I designed and deployed a metrics gathering and reporting tool to ensure visibility and track progress of key software metrics.

Software Development Manager 04/2009 to 12/2011

I managed a team of engineers in our Embedded Computing division producing firmware, BIOS, OS drivers and system support code.

I supported the newly formed team and helped setup development tools and processes.

I collaborated with the site lead, architects and hardware managers to define the roadmap and technical direction for future products.

I worked directly with customers to understand and deliver their requirements.

In 2009 the office in Edinburgh closed down and I accepted a transfer to the Philippines to help setup and support the new software group there.
Software Design Engineer 08/2004 to 03/2009

I designed and developed software solutions for converging next generation telecoms networks with traditional technologies, including development and support of the flagship Signaling Gateway product. In order to ensure quality in these products I designed, developed and deployed a user configurable automated test system. This automatically performed conformance and regression testing across several different hardware platforms directly on the target hardware and generated reports of the results for users.

nPlusOne Group
Software Engineer 01/2003 to 08/2004

Implemented a highly-available Voice over IP (SIP) softswitch combining open source technologies with proprietary packages and custom-built software. Designed and implemented supporting systems for the softswitch including local database storage for billing and customer records and backend interface.

Agilent Technologies
Software Engineer 08/1997 to 12/2002

Part of a team that designed, implemented, and supported a new programming language for describing telecom protocols for use in other products and applications.


Edinburgh University
BSc (Hons), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 09/1993 to 08/1997